Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Collecting Grayling Rivers - My Collection

In recent posts I have often referred to the fact that I, like many other members of the Grayling Society, collect my grayling rivers. I believe it was Reg Righyni who first started the idea with a series of articles in the Grayling Society's newsletter in the 1980's. A compilation of these articles can be purchased from Coch-y-Bonddu Books, titled "Reg Righyni's Rivers and Reminiscences". I don't go out of my way to add new rivers to my collection, but it adds interest to your grayling fishing and I'm always on the lookout for an opportunity to add to my ever growing list. So just in case you are interested here is my current collection...

UK Rivers
  1. Wharfe
  2. Ure
  3. Nidd*
  4. Dee (Wales)
  5. Swale
  6. Bedale Beck
  7. Vyrnwy
  8. Severn
  9. Eden
  10. Eamont
  11. Wear
  12. Wye (Derbyshire)
  13. Derwent (Derbyshire)
  14. Tweed
  15. Teviot
  16. Aire
  17. Ribble
  18. Belah
  19. Exe
  20. Inny
  21. Calder (West Yorkshire)
  22. Cover
  23. Hodder
  24. Wye (Wales)
  25. Irfon
  26. Driffield Beck
  27. Annan
  28. Tees
  29. Lugg
  30. Cod Beck
  31. Anton
  32. Test
  33. Itchen
  34. Colne – West Yorkshire
  35. Holme – West Yorkshire
  36. Don – West Yorkshire
  37. Stock Beck
  38. Rye
  39. Derwent (North Yorkshire)
  40. Pickering Beck
  41. Nith
  42. Caldew
  43. Kinnel
  44. Lambourn
  45. Wylye
  46. Worth
  47. Petteril
  48. Taff
  49. Monnow
  50. Derwent (Tyne & Wear)
Rivers Outside UK
  1. San (Poland)
  2. Kupa (Croatia/Slovenia)
  3. Curak (Croatia)
  4. Gacka (Croatia)
  5. Kupica (Croatia)
  6. Trebuščica (Slovenia)
  7. Koritnica (Slovenia)
  8. Unica (Slovenia)
  9. Malenščica (Slovenia)
  10. Soča (Slovenia)
  11. Sora (Slovenia)
  12. Idrijca (Slovenia)
*There is one place where I have caught grayling that is not on the list. Followers of my blog may remember a post I did back in April, called "Gouthwaite Grayling", in which I describe catching my first grayling from Gouthwaite Lake, the only stillwater in England to hold them. Not being a river, Gouthwaite is not on the list and as the River Nidd in theory flows through the lake, then it would surely come under the River Nidd anyway.

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