Monday, 11 November 2013

Grayling From An Itchen Carrier

A River Itchen Carrier
A River Itchen Carrier
My last day on the southern chalkstreams dawned cold and wet, just like the previous day. Chris and I had arranged to meet in a car park near Winchester, close to where we would begin fishing. The plan was to fish a couple of beats on the River Itchen and then move to the River Test. The rain was forecast to be replaced with sunshine and showers by lunchtime so we diverted into Winchester for a coffee and a brief tour of the city, including the River Itchen flowing through the city centre, before commencing fishing later...

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Collecting New Grayling Rivers - The River Wylye

The majority of the southern English chalkstreams are almost impossible to get to fish unless you are either well connected, very rich, or both! My friend Chris has access to some pretty exclusive chalkstream fishing, so I don't know whether he is well connected or very rich? Regardless, luckily for me he had arranged a couple of guest tickets. He is well aware and very supportive of my desire to add to my Grayling River Collection and offered to take me to a river that would be a new addition to my growing list - the River Wylye in Wiltshire. Obviously I accepted and we agreed to meet outside my hotel in Stockbridge..

Friday, 8 November 2013

Grayling Fishing On The River Lambourn

River Lambourn
River Lambourn
For the last few years I've ventured south in early November to fish the southern chalkstreams for grayling with my friend Chris. Being a Yorkshireman it's the only time I can afford to fish a chalkstream! This year, despite dates being pencilled in the diary in good time, it proved difficult to finalise things with Chris. In the end he could only make two days because of work commitments, so I decided to stick with my three day plan and fish alone on the first day. I was going to fish one of the beats that I'd fished with Chris previously, but late in the day I thought that with Chris's help I might be able to fish a different river that I could add to my growing Grayling Collection. Emails were exchanged and he suggested the River Lambourn at Donnington Grove, near Newbury in Berkshire. Perfect, so I duly booked my fishing and drove south...

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Trout Fishing In Shetland – A Summary

It's a few months now since my return from trout fishing Shetland, in which time I've had chance to reflect on the experience. It was by no means an easy trip with long walks over rough ground, some pretty horrendous weather conditions at times, hard fishing, camping and fending for myself most of the time, to name but a few of the hardships. I was certainly ready for home by the time my trip came to an end. Clearly there were many high points as well, which will live long in my memory. The question is would I return to fish in Shetland again?…